Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Change in direction

The beauty of the body

I have entered new territory, something I don't know anything about.  

I don't belief that meditation results in calmness.  I belief you have to boil over before you can reach calmness.   People meditate but when meditation is over they are still the same asshole they were before.

How can you become still by sitting still and concentrate on your breath?  Where is the paradox in this?  All the shit that is in you has to come up before you can be still.

The universe is in charge of this evolutionary process and not the mind.   I am losing my mind.  I have to wait this out and see where this is going.  I am a fish out of water.

When people speak they are reporting on an illusion in their heads.

Because the universe moves at warp speed I say very little.  By the time I am done talking things will have changed zillions of times and I will have missed everything.  I am more in a state of observing what shows up energetically.  I rely on my body to give me accurate readings rather than on my mind which holds no truth.

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