Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ignorance and Intelligence

The ground appears under my feet the moment I set foot on it, not a moment before.  I have no direction.  The event has not been selected yet.  Therefore I can't have an agenda.  I have to wait for what shows up naturally.

The mind looks at life through the macro, but life is happening in the micro.  The mind can't put this together.  It has to fall into place by itself, effortlessly.

There is a lot to feel.

When there is anxiety there are two things to consider.  What's really happening and what I make up about what's really happening.

When you feel fear it probably isn't fear.  It's the fear of fear.  When you live with content, the stories in your head, you fear fear, which paralyzes you.  The response to that is terror.  When you live without content you feel raw fear, when observed it frees you.  It cycles through your energy field for a moment and than it's gone.

When you compare yourself to others you probably won't measure up and the cycle of suffering has begone.  You want to emulate them, thus ignoring yourself.
Ignoring yourself is the only ignorance there is.  ~Osho.
 Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.  ~Stephen Hawking.

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