Monday, March 18, 2013

Losing the identification with form

I am over the moon.  So much space opened up for me.  I no longer identify myself with form, therefore I am fearless.  I am abundance.  I AM.   


I function in the world of form.  In fact, its my playground. 

Moving to Lenoir was super easy.  Everything fell into place.  No drama on my part.  

There is only one upset:  The loss of the present.

I breathe and leave the rest up to the universe.  I resist nothing.

I spent the day sitting in the recliner, doing only what I wanted to do.  The mind would have me running around, putting everything into place the way it used to be.

The universe is brand new zillions of times each moment, but people put their lives together the same way it was the moment before so that they don't ever feel death nor the downside.  

I looked at the sky and laughed.

Who I am can't be explained.

I have never known so much freedom.

Exercise to interrupt repetitious thinking:  The activity you perform most, whenever you do that activity, touch your crotch.  That  should lighten you up.  For instance, every time you open a door, mentally touch your crotch.


Never forget to breathe.

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