Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Net

You can't step into the same river twice.  Even so we are back in our old city, nothing is the same.  All the things I held onto are gone.  Who are you when everything disappears, your personality, your believes.  There is a net that catches you, and that net has been woven from previous experiences.  Now your mind has something to fall back on.  It now knows that you will survive even so there is no physical evidence of it.

If you ask people for advice they will give you their fears, their limits.  They only know their conditioning, whats safe for them.  You have to step out of their illusions and find your own Self.  We are meant to live big.

Illusion requires maintenance.  The more illusion you have the harder you work to keep it going.  You have to attend to everything.  You are trying to make something fit that's already gone.  Nothing fits because illusion is too big.  You have to get smaller.  How present are you when you walk across the room, when you open the door?  That's how small you have to get or you are nowhere to be found. 

Keeping the old alive, the same old stories people tell themselves over and over, that's a lot of baggage (garbage) to carry.  No carrying required, only dropping.  

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