Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nothing has to change

The Yes Man

All my efforts have been poured into the illusion that I have to change things to have a better life, that I can't have a better life unless things change.  Nothing has to change.  I don't need more money to have a better life.  I don't need different circumstance to have a better life.

I have to let anything and everything in and allow it to massage me instead of keeping it at bay.  Like the movie  'The Yes Man' with Jim Carrey where he says yes to everything.  I don't get to say no.  The universe doesn't know no, it only knows yes.  Saying 'yes' allows me to have a bigger life.

Saying 'yes' gets under my skin.  What I attract into my life is not what I want.  I want less.  As I expand bigger things show up.  My life is opening up to anything and everything. 

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