Monday, December 5, 2011

Guilty Presents

I want big balls for Christmas*
Christmas is the season of guilt.  Presents are given out of guilt and obligation. 

Guilt is another strong energy form of the Matrix.  The Matrix's survival is guaranteed by strong energy forms.  People don't want to transmute these energies by feeling them.  They don't want to feel uncomfortable and guilty, so they give in and do what they are supposed to.

Your cells remember how Christmas was when you were little and now you insist on recreating the same for your children.  If you were raised as a Christian decide that this year you won't celebrate Christmas.  If you were raised as a non-Christian decorate your home mammothly and shock your neighbors, this will get you out of your conditioning.

Presence changes the presents you give.

Any culture and its customs are stored in the cells of its people.  Cell memory keeps us from breaking away.  There is pressure to participate in cultural conditioning and you will go through withdrawal symptoms when you no longer go along.

Inside the Matrix love is shown by giving gifts.  It is neediness disguised as love because inside the Matrix you are only a thing, you don't exist and you have no power.  Inside the Matrix you are fucked up.

* If I would post that comment on the website where I found that picture the Matrix people would stone me.  The comment is irreverent.  When you leave the Matrix your life will be irreverent instead of predictable.

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