Friday, December 16, 2011

Nothing is as it seems - 10 reasons

When 10 people witness the same event you get 10 different reports of the event making it look like different events all together.

The mind cannot interpret reality.  Our thoughts are only a report on a condition in us, it doesn't make it real.  Everything is made up.

If nothing is as it appears than you better stop believing how your mind interprets your life because that interpretation is costing you your life. 

One way to overcome this error of interpretation is to make up 10 reasons why someone does what they do.  For instance.  2 years ago my ex forbade me to be in my son's truck.  My first response was fury, that SOB.  As I made up several reasons why he didn't want me to drive with my son I came up with:  'My ex doesn't want me to get hurt because of my son's inexperienced driving.'  This turned my fury into love and now I saw my ex as someone who cared about my safety. 

When I have a problem with someone's behavior I make up 10 reasons why they behave that way and I make sure that at least one reason is hilarious.  Because nothing is as it seems and their behavior isn't what it seems either.  They don't have to change their behavior to make me feel better.  Nothing has to change.  They can be who they are and I am not threatened by it. 

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