Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 'What if' Game

The body doesn't need the mind to tell it what to do.  That is the arrogance of the mind, to think that it is needed to get anything done.  Life is much smoother without the mind's interference.  The body always knows what to do, the mind often overrides it. 

My mind has less and less input in my life.  I haven't seen nor talked to my son since October 31st.  We are moving to the mountains and he is supposed to arrange everything.  I can't call him to find out what is going on because he doesn't know what he is going to do until he does it.   

People want to control the outcome, so they plan every detail and than they have stories why it didn't happen the way they planned.  Their minds keep them from noticing that they are not in charge of anything.

When I use my mind I can't be here in this present moment absorbing all its beauty, ease and abundance.  Putting the mind in charge is like a shock to the otherwise smooth running system.

When the mind doesn't know what is going on it will play the 'What if' game.  "What if we don't move to the mountains, I am stuck here forever"  "What if he changed his mind."  "What if he doesn't want me to live with him."  I don't have to worry about any of these 'what if's' because my life is perfectly set up and there are never any emergencies to attend to.  Submitting to this moment is all the power I have over anything.

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