Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's a dog's life

Dogs get trained with a zapper to not leave the yard.  You are not leaving the yard either.  Staying in the yard gets boring once you know everything about the yard.

The mind doesn't want to leave the yard, it wants to go to the same places, pissing on the same things, marking its territory and defending it.

Nothing is working when you have an energetic mess.  You have to clean up your life energetically not mentally.  Everything works smoothly when there are no energetic blocks.

Cleaning up your life energetically means feeling every nook and cranny.  My definition of feelings and emotions is this.  An emotion is an energetic makeup of a block in your system, which zaps your energy.  A feeling is a free-flowing system without any blockages, which enlivens you.

Emotions drain you, feelings wake you up.

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