Saturday, November 5, 2011

The mind has no power

I am moving to the mountains in a week or two with my son.  The mind always has you do more steps than what is necessary.  I am preparing for the move by being still and being fully here.  I have no winter clothing and I am not dashing off to the store buying what I think I might need. 

My son is in Delaware at the world championship and when he comes back he will do what he will do.  I am not going to tell him what to do because his body doesn't respond to my mind.  His body doesn't even respond to his own mind.  The days where the mind is in charge are over.  The body always knows what to do and the mind has no clue.  The mind doesn't know what is next, it only thinks what might be next based on how it's always been. 

Our bodies will do the move while we are present in each moment.  The mental exhaustion of planning is exasperating. The mind cannot keep track of all the details.  My body takes me from moment to moment, like frames in a movie, I teleport from moment to moment without planning, because the universe does a perfect job putting all the details into place.

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