Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nature is our teacher

Why do birds fly effortlessly through the air without crashing into anything?  Because they follow their bodies.  They don't stop in mid air asking: "What should I do? How should I do this? What do I need?"  They trust their innate navigational system.  Humans also have this system, but they use their minds to override it.  

The mind is manual, slow, tedious, with nothing but errors.  It's defect.  The innate system is automatic, quick, effortless and you get to enjoy the ride.

People labor when they think.  They are always figuring out how they are going to do something and when they are going to do it, they have 'To Do' lists and shopping lists.  In their mind they have to reach a destination and everything in between goes unnoticed.

Our minds cripple us and hold us back.  We are so much more. 

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