Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dogs in Heat

No need to carry anything

People hate reality.  They are always escaping reality because they don't want to clean up their own fucking shit, because reality will show you what you need to do to become whole, but instead you run from reality so that you can blame everybody else for your asinine existence.  Looking at your own dysfunction isn't pretty.  It's easier to make others responsible for the mess in your life.

I have been living with my dad at his retirement home for the past 3 weeks.  He can't handle my stillness.  He expects me to act like a dog in heat, talking all the time, moving my body unnecessarily in excitement.  It is bringing out his dysfunction, blaming me for it.  He has been attacking me relentlessly.

People get upset every few seconds and whatever is in their awareness at that moment gets blamed for it. 

There is only one upset, the loss of the present. 

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