Saturday, July 2, 2011

The power of stillness

The mind has one story only and that is hardship.  Reality is gentle.  The hardest part is letting go of illusion.  The time in between when illusion leaves and reality shows up, the mind has a hay day with the time in between.  If it were easy we all would have left illusion already.

There is a reason why 99.99% is stillness and only .01% is action.  Because the .01% action is all you can handle, it is that explosive and powerful.  Stillness increases our capacity to be powerful.

We are not used to not doing.  Doing is all we know.  Its been drilled into us.  Most the time nothing is happening and you are looking at the daisies because our nervous system goes through powerful preparations. 

When you are in your body you are automatically connected to the present. You have no agenda and the next moment isn't even on your mind.

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