Monday, January 31, 2011


When we prepare we are responsible and when we don’t prepare we are procrastinating.  That's what gets drilled into us.  It isn't working that way anymore.  I can't prepare for anything and that makes me irresponsible according to society. 

The mind makes up problems that don’t exist and than solves them.  That’s how the mind keeps its existence.  

People are being played like a ping pong never noticing that they are at the mercy of their mind.   The mind says: “If you don’t do ‘this’ now, you wont have ‘that’ later,” and people listen.   Getting away from that philosophy seems like murder.  I find when I prepare I end up having to redo everything.  So I learned to pay attention to the moment and that prepares me for whatever shows up down the road.  This moment prepares me for the next.

The transition has not been easy.  The mental body puts so much angst into me....what if.  Trust comes with awareness and experience. 


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