Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Thunder of Silence

Today I shall not go anywhere.  I shall sit here and rearrange myself.

" When we achieve complete quietness and peace, the mind is no longer functioning, and we have transcended mind, and risen into the atmosphere of Soul, in which we are receptive and responsive to whatever Soul imparts.  As soon as we become unattached, that is, as soon as we are detached from thought...from hate, fear, want, desire or love of objects or people so that they can float in front of our eyes with the utmost indifference to us....we are no longer in the realm of mind:  We are then reaching, touching, or being touched by our own Soul, which is God/Goddess, and we are in an atmosphere where, when Soul speaks, we can hear.  When God/Goddess utters his/her voice, the earth melts, and all problems dissolve."      Joel S. Goldsmith

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