Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Soul is wild and free

As children we get rewarded (retarded) for good behavior by our parents and in school.  We take this reward system with us into adulthood. 

We tell the universe I am doing a, b and c and now you owe me big time because I have been a good girl/boy.  

We can't manipulate the universe.  The universe operates by her own rules. Get comfortable in this present moment because that’s all we have. 

What works one moment won’t work the next.  The truth in one moment is an untruth in the next because the universe is not stale, it is incredibly flexible. Change is all there is.   



  1. Absolutely! Has it always been this way and we didn't notice ... or is it changing and this is what is is becoming? Again. Here I go with the questions!! Best to stop. No more Quest-ing! Nice blog!

  2. StarWhisper, thanks for stopping by. I think it has always worked this way, only people haven't noticed.

    Somebody becomes successful and now they market their strategy. Gullible people flock to their seminars to get a piece of the pie, and that's what makes the presenters rich, but the followers are still nowhere near success. Now the blame begins: 'You are not working hard enough at this. You need to do steps a, b and c.' Still its not working, but people are so blind, they can't see it will never work for them.

    If formulas would work than many more people would be successful. But there are no copies, only originals and things always work the way they are supposed to. You can't force anything.

    Force creates duality. All effort is ignorance. That's why I am such a believer in being still and watching what shows up naturally.