Thursday, January 27, 2011


Humans are a primitive species and the universe tolerates them, lets them think that they are in charge.

Quantum physics is just another mental trick ‘that which is observed changes.’  Ha ha ha, it changes no matter what because change is all there is and humans have no control over it.  The universe does what she does.

Humans are always manipulating things so that they can dominate their world. EVERY conversation is a manipulation.   You want people to see things your way, want them to agree with you.  You are manipulating your spouse, your kids, your friends and God.  You are manipulating them into doing things.  Prayer is another form of manipulation.  You want something from God.

When you talk to someone, don’t have an agenda, watch what shows up naturally.   When I talk to my kids I never have a preset idea of what I am going to talk about or if I even going to say anything.  I allow it to arise naturally.  They are usually the ones who want something from me.

The self-help movement, taking courses to improve myself so that I can beat myself up even more because I never seem to get it just right.   Or the Law of Attraction, The big Secret, making sure I learn how to manipulate the universe into giving me what I want.  The universe is not going to support my illusion.  Reality is ever-present and all this ‘Doing’ keeps me from seeing it.

I watch the fragile flowers, they don’t resist, they just let everything happen to them.  And that’s what I am going to do.  I am going to allow everything to happen to me without resistance.  I am going to be that flower.

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