Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Find your own rhythm. Its your signature and your power.

I can be still because I am silenced no more
I have been thinking about my own breath a lot lately and noticed that that breath is creating my space, the place no one can take away from me.

In the world of illusion that which appears sane is insane and that which appears insane is sane.  In the world of illusion we are constantly asked to leave ourselves and to abuse ourselves by being rushed along and by doing, doing, doing.

I don't have to get anywhere.  I am already there.  You are all you'll ever need.

Everything wants my attention.  The daily grind will wear you out.  The mind is the greatest source of energy loss by thinking about what you ought to be doing.

I don't waste energy on what I think should get done.  I just do it when my body is ready.  My life has simplified incredibly.  Do you trust your mind or do you trust your soul.

Is the outside world distracting me or do I stay within my own rhythm where I am not being dominated, not even by my own mind. 

Breathing has become my most important asset.

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