Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Physical Sensations and Attention

Jerry Stocking is in the Wake Up business.  He teaches courses that increase attention span.  Here is an excerpt of his recent Wake Up Call:  

"Bring more feelings into your attention because you have a body.  Most people have their thoughts own their attention and their bodies are quite neglected.

The majority of people in the US occupy most of their attention throughout the day with sounds and especially conversations.  If you want to slow down focus on sounds, focus on what you say in your head.  You are betting on the slowest horse.  If you want to speed up your attention than focus on feelings and physical sensations.  It will turn you on, it will turn up your speed without putting any pressure on you.

Speaking generates certain physical sensations.  There is breath, movement of your mouth, movement of your jaw.  Stuff going on in your lungs and chest.  I want you to feel that while you are speaking and have that be more important than what you say. 

You can speak in such a way that the people around you feel more.  If you are feeling more, chances are pretty good that they are feeling more.  

There is no need to land.  Your body has already landed.  You are offering us physical sensations when you speak. When they focus on physical sensations they are going to dig you, they are going to like you because the exchange is so rapid."

You can listen to the entire call Here.  The echo stops after 15 minutes.  

Jerry Stocking sometimes offers free audio files of his courses.  To receive these audio files you can sign up for his Newsletter and Free Mind Relief eBook Here.

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