Friday, May 17, 2013

The perfect state

"As you go about your life, don't give 100 percent of your attention to the external world and your mind. Keep some within."  (Oneness with all life) Eckhart Tolle Weekly Present Moment Reminder.

I find that I need to keep all my attention on my internal world, my breathing and my body to find out what's going on with me, always focusing on me first.  Wholeness is not about pleasing others.  

There is no greater power than YOU when you are whole.

The world will drown you with their illusions, their victimhood, neediness, guilt, obligations and survival issues.  I can participate in their illusions or I can walk away.

Whatever shows up, what does it bring out in me?  Instead of acting on it, feel it, and that will release the vibrational attachments, the terror that lives inside.  

The extraction of fear.  Everything hidden will surface.  Just when I get comfortable on my ledge over the abyss the universe sends me deeper.  But I only get capsized for a moment and than its over.  The moment I felt it its done with.  Feel everything, its that simple.   

The body is the map.  The mind is confused and fears change.  You can't know it, you can only be it.  For the aware person survival is not an issue.  Only this moment is real.  Be fully in it.

Always breathe, have no agenda.

Breathing is very important when speaking, it brings you into the present moment.  Breathing is the shift from thinking to awareness.  Allowing this moment to be as it is will take you out of thought and end your story.  Whatever state I am in is perfect.  I don't have to achieve anything in particular.

Breathe and Be.  Nothing else is required but to accept what is here now.  Whatever you accept you go beyond, that's the paradox and the miracle.  If you fight it you are stuck with it.

Most meditation is manipulation because you want to achieve a particular state.  The mind always has an idea of how things should be.  The perfect state is the acceptance of now.  It takes away the guesswork.  The present moment is the perfect moment. 

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