Monday, May 6, 2013

I have arrived, now what?

My daughter graduated last weekend.  There were only her, her brother and myself.  No one of lower vibration was present because they would have brought their own shit along with their little minds needing to be in charge.  The day fell into place harmoniously.  Once the mind steps in its all over.

She didn't invite her dad.  There is so much obligation with him and no freedom.  He belongs to the old, abusive patriarchy.  No matter how much the kids do for him it is never enough because his matrix mind only sees lack and wants his wounded inner child taken care of.  Its not the kids responsibility to fulfill their parents.  

When people do something for someone else there are always strings attached, an ulterior motive they aren't even aware of, mostly to make themselves look good.   

People are mainly in victim mode causing ALL their suffering.  They are asleep and abusive, always wanting something, never satisfied.  

It takes tremendous stamina to look at yourself and letting go of energetic imprints that sabotage everything you want because you have to go against the very strong current of the collective.  When you are not observing you are meddling.  Awareness changes everything.

I live in a new world now.  Most my dysfunctions have been taken care off and therefore I attract different experiences.   My mind can't even figure out how to proceed from here, but my body will show me because the body knows everything.

Everything is vibration, which is covered up by the mind.  When the mind steps aside you can feel life.  The higher you vibrate the less mind there is.

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