Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Reckless Life

Grand Canyon, Nevada

The universe will not support us inside the Mental Matrix.  People struggle, I see them struggling because they don't wait for what shows up naturally.   People want a mind-based future so that they can be in control of what they are getting.  It doesn't work that way anymore.

'Being in the moment' is an overused mental concept.  'Being' has no mind.

Things change in an instant, but until they change and nothing seems to be happening doubts and fears show up to be released.  Until the change comes is the time where the mind dumps its conditioning and is the most miserable.

The landlady is trying to get me to apply for a job where she works.  My life scares people, it's scaring me too, I live reckless, never knowing what is next, never preparing for anything.  I spend all day sitting on benches and playing sudoku, it keeps my mind occupied while I wait for the universe to do her work.  Jesus had no place to lay his head and I am getting there.  I have a place to sleep, but I leave in the morning, returning in the evening.  I can't spend much time around illusionists.

I draw on direct personal experience.  Conceptual knowing is disappearing.  Stillness of pure consciousness is my nature.  The mind always wants to analyze but the mind can't get it.  It knows nothing.  My existence depends on stillness and not on the Mental Matrix.

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