Saturday, September 17, 2011


Waldnaabtal, one of my hangouts

The psychologist Milton Erickson would ask his patients "What would happen if your life could change over night?"  and then he would leave the room so that their minds could find every possible solution.  The patients would stay in the room for hours, even days until their mind was done with the process.

My mind is trying to find solutions where I am going to live once I am back in the US.  All of my energy is involved in this process.  My mind is trying to find new pathways.  Physically I am still in Germany, but energetically I am already back in the US.  I have changed so much and I cannot go back to the way things were.  My mind wants to go back to the same way as when I left, but that is not possible.  You cannot step into the same river twice.  Now my mind has to release the past.  I can't go back to anything familiar.

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