Friday, September 16, 2011

Manipulators and Intruders

I grew up next to this castle 'Reuth'

Your mind wants you to go out to avoid yourself.  Your soul wants you to go in to be your Self.

People who 'do' end up with messes.  People want to fix their lives using their minds.  The pressure to escape stillness drives them to action.  They don't wait for what shows up naturally and force things into their lives and they expect others to support their illusions, and that's where it gets nasty.  

"I needed help and you didn't help me."  What the person is saying is that you are obligated to help them keep their illusions alive.  When I need help I don't have to ask for it because people know what to do.  During my stay here I never had to ask anyone for anything and all my needs were taken care off.  I didn't need to call anyone nor arrange anything.

People who live in the world of illusion project their shit onto everyone around them.  They do not take responsibility for themselves but blame others.

Expecting something from another is abuse.  We are whole, we are not broken.  When the moment carries you, that is reality.  When you carry the moment, that is illusion.  Nothing needs to be carried.  Stillness provides everything.

I am going back to the US in 2 weeks.  I don't know yet where I am going to stay, but that will be taken care off when the time comes.  Right now I am still fully here. 

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