Saturday, August 20, 2011

No beautiful mind

A beautiful mind - the movie

A beautiful mind is a still mind. 

The mind doesn't want this. The mind doesn't want your life.  The mind wants illusion.  The mind wants the known.  The mind has an emergency exit called illusion.  The mind can't cope with reality.  It is forever looking for something it can recognize. 

Reality is unrecognizable to the mind.  We need to lose our minds completely. 

Action happens without the mind's involvement, but people don't notice this.  They belief that without thought nothing happens.  Thought is far removed from who we really are. In the world of illusion it appears as if the mind is the cause for anything to function.  The mind has no function, it keeps you from reality.

My dad sits in his wheel chair all day long and fabricates illusions and wants his children to participate in them.  We of course can't because our bodies won't allow it because reality will not support needy relationships.  He is dissatisfied with his life and blames everyone else for it.  Bitterness arises when you don't know the difference between illusion and reality.  

The body is always in the present moment while the mind rips everything to pieces.  My relatives want me to visit them.  They put the burden on me to come and see them.  My body is not bringing me to them. They don't see that they are the ones who have to change, not me.  My life does not belong to my mind nor theirs.  My life belongs to my body, the universe made flesh.

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