Thursday, October 2, 2014

No Decisions

A safety net had to be built before I was able to comprehend the magnitude of the above quote by Michael Singer.  It resulted in a huge chunk of fears, ego and patterns falling away.   The safety net is built through experiences which then enables the letting go of tremendous amounts of conditioning.

No more decisions to be made.  It frees me from the burden of having to keep track of everything, of never being here.  Reality supports me.   The mind wants to mess with reality.

Thoughts are programs running in the background, blinding me to what's really going on.  The entire society is sitting in my space wanting something from me.  Everything in duality is false.  Truth is heresy in the dream state.

I am what's going on.  'Accepting what is,'  I can't do that.  I am not able to accept what's going on because 'nothing' is going on. The universe is nothing, just empty space with a tiny bit of matter.
It's my perceptions that screw me up.

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