Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Being in the body is imperative.

My son is on the road weeks on end.  He came home for 3 days, which were amazing.

After he left I was sitting in the energy he left behind, unable to think, not wanting to think, moving deeper into myself.

My mind doesn’t know where to go and there is so much to feel.  Old pathways are closed off.  I have to be extra gentle with myself, not doing anything until any doing arises on its own.

I will sit in this massive, massive energy of doing absolutely nothing. My mind isn’t going to direct me into anything. Being in the body is imperative.  The body is the map.  You can't trust the mind, but you can trust the body.  Relax into the body.

This is something the mind will fight, it doesn’t want stillness, it will fight inactivity.  There are no voices condemning me, no approval seeking.  I am ok with nothing. The peer pressure of society can no longer reach me.  I am coming into my own.

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