Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The year of the snake, shedding the old

Modern physics has proven that what we perceive through our 5 senses is more unreal than its real.  Our intellects can only take us so far.  We are constantly having to adjust.

Everything we have been taught, have learned, everything we know is based on a lie, a projection within a projection, an illusion within an illusion.  Our physical world only appears to be real when in fact it is not.

Intuitively we know that there is a limit to human reasoning, that the human mind can take us only so far.  Knowledge is only gained through experience.  We need to transcend our intellects and move beyond reason.  

Old viewpoints and conditioned ideas of reality require mental re-adjustment.  This is quickly done when we allow ourselves to be and be with what is.  No mental planning of any kind, no agendas.  This moment prepares us for the next.

Thoughts of fear are merely releases of our illusions and conditioning.  Old outmoded believes are falling away like a snake shedding its skin.  This shedding causes catharsis at times, even if only for a moment we get to look at what we are releasing.

DNA material that was previously considered junk by scientists will begin to be activated.  The capacity of using our minds will increase.  Our minds will function in a new way.

A poll shift is underway with continuing earth changes.  This is a time of deep transformation.  We are always in flux.  We will never again return to the old.  Its over.

Reincarnation is a fantasy. Existence has never had a form that could be repeated. It's forever unformed. The shifting of galaxies on the far side of the universe is the same shifting event of our bodies and minds. This happening has never become anything in particular; it's only shift and flux. There's no thing becoming some other thing; there's one great unformed presence remaining unformed.
--Darryl Bailey

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