Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Gift

Today is my birthday.  I received a gift that I would have despised in the past.

I am having a horrible day.  Cellular cleaning days are hell!  But in order to make room for my new life I have to release attachments and patterns. Understanding this makes it easier.  Otherwise my mind would have a field day bombarding me with images of despair, sorrow, the end of my life. 

A lot of internal rearranging is going on, cords are being cut.  Before massive changes there is massive death. 

When new energy comes in there is no way to go back to the old, but the old has to be released and that's wherein the cruelty lies.

I don't have to figure out the next step.  There is nothing to act on, nothing I need to do.  Just let it wash through me hitting every uncomfortable note on it's way out.  I will come out of this.  The sun will shine again and the journey will be so much sweeter.  I just can't see that right now.  It hurts like hell.

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