Thursday, December 2, 2010

Escape Artists

When you plan you are turning your life over to your mind.  You are holding your breath and you are totally in your head.  You can’t be here in this moment where everything is new and fresh.

Life is decided at the moment and not a second before.

Only now exists, nothing else.  Every moment is a surprise and the mind can’t handle that, so the mind fills the moment with the familiar.

When something happens the mind takes over immediately and finds solutions, but those are mind based solutions which are limited.   Only the now makes endless possibilities available.

6,000 years of patriarchal mind dominance aren't easily overcome.  The mind can no longer safe us.  Only through heart work can we move forward.  We are required to feel everything.  Resisting is no longer an option.  We have to walk through the energetic experiences.

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